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iTrade (Trade Finance)

Letter of Credit (LC)

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Export Letter of Credit (ELC)

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Bank Guarantees

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Outward Bills for Collection (OBC)

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Inward Bills for Collection (IBC)

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Open Account Trust Receipt (TR)

Trade Reporting

iBusiness Trade Module

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Account Services

Term Deposit (TD) / Fixed Deposit (FD)

Letter Requests

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Contact Details Updates

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Chequebook Requests

Standing Orders

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Corporate Loans

Trade License


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Audit Confirmation/Balance Confirmation

VAT (Value Added Tax)



Application Forms - Account Opening

Application Forms - Transaction Banking Products & Services

Application Forms - Corporate Credit Card

Application Forms - iTrade (Trade Finance)

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Application Forms - iTrade (Islamic Trade Finance)

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Attijari E-Advice

Contact Details Update


Loans & Disbursements

Smart Form - Remittance

Schedule of Charges

Special Chequebook

Signature Amendment

Standing Order Maintenance / Cancellation

Wakalah Deposit