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How to Create Reports Print

Note: User permissions should be in place to manage reports. If not, contact your Bank Administrator. 


Step 1: Click on Administration > Report Designer > Create

Step 1: Click on Administration > Report Designer > Create

Step 2: Fill in the General Details 

Report NameEnter the name of the report
Report DescriptionEnter a description of the report
Publish Report
Select Publish Report to enable it for all users
No of lines per page
Enter number of lines per page

Step 3: Select Entity 

  • You can select one or multiple entities

Step 4: Select Product 

  • The report can be multi product or specific to a single product

Step 5: Add Columns and define other parameters applicable for the new report.

Step 6: Click on Administration > Report Designer > Maintenance

  • Click on the report preview button to see the report generated.
  • Reports can be downloaded in three formats - pdf, csv, and spreadsheet.
  • User can also create a report schedule by navigating to Report Designer > Schedule  

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