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How to Enable Biometrics for Android Phones? Print

On many Android devices, the ability to enable biometrics (such as fingerprint or facial recognition) for certain apps is often handled by the device's security settings. Here's a general guide on how you might do this:

Step 1: Open Settings: Launch the "Settings" app on your Android device.

Step 2: Navigate to Security or Biometrics: 

  • Look for a section related to "Security," "Biometrics," or "Privacy" within the Settings menu.

Step 3: Fingerprint or Facial Recognition: 

  • If you've already set up biometrics for unlocking your device, find the option to manage fingerprints or facial recognition.

Step 4: App Lock or App Protection: 

  • Some devices have a feature called "App Lock" or "App Protection" within the biometrics settings. If available, select it.

Step 5: Select Apps: 

  • You should see a list of apps installed on your device. Choose the apps for which you want to enable biometrics.

Step 6: Enable Biometrics for Selected Apps: 

  • Toggle or check the option to enable biometrics for CBD Next Gen iBusiness

Step 7: Enable Biometrics for Selected Apps:

  • You may need to authenticate using your fingerprint or facial recognition to confirm the changes.

Please note that the availability of these features can vary depending on your device model, Android version, and any customizations made by your Mobile Phone Provider. If you can't find these settings or encounter any issues, refer to the user manual for your specific device.

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