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How to Enable Mobile App Access for Corporate Users? Print

Step 1: Log in using your administrator token

  • Click on Users & Roles Management on the top menu >> Users Management >> Modify User
  • Type the User ID and click Search or you can click Search directly (and a list of users will get displayed)
  • Select the User needed for modification


Step 2: Scroll down and Press the Submit button on the initial screen 

  • Enable the Mobile Application check box for the user
  • For the Transaction Package, there are three options as follows:
    • Maker - If User will only initiate the payment
    • Checker/Verifier - If User will authorize/approve payments
    • Maker/Checker - If the payments initiated by the User do not require any approval.(Note – Authorization rule to be setup for the user as Maker with No Authorization required. Also, the user can approve the payments initiated by other Makers or Maker/Checkers

Step 3: Click on Submit until you reach the page shown below and enable below option

  • Enable the checkbox for Pre-Defined Roles as below:
    • MOBILEAPPCHECKER - if the user will authorize/approve payments only
    • MOBILEAPPMAKERCHECKER - if the user will initiate payments, initiate with no authorization or approve
    • MOBILEAPPVIEWER - if the user will only view 


Step 4: Click on Confirm then enter PIN + Token number and Submit

  • You will be navigated to the confirmation screen with the generated reference number.


Note: If you have a "Maker-Checker Setup" for Administrators, please ensure that the request is approved by the 2nd Administrator.

Account Setup

**Mobile Application has to be ticked under Channel Details for Mobile App access. 

Refer to our Article:Modifying User's Account Setup for further details

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