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How to Install iConnect (Host-to-Host)? Print

If you opted for CBD H2H Tool, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Create a folder in C Drive – Folder name recommended CBD H2H for easy identification purposes, however, it can be any name, as per company’s requirement.


Step 2:

Place the setup files in the CBD H2H folder and rename the files >> H2H_ClientTool_Setup.456 to be renamed as H2H_ClientTool_Setup.msi >> setup.123 to be renamed as setup.exe


Step 3:

Execute the setup.exe file to start the installation process



Step 4:

Permission to the setup files installation, everyone or just me, should be as per company policy. 






Step 5:

Create Config folder in CBD H2H and place the encryption key files (Private and Public)


Step 6:

Create Files folder in CBD H2H >> Create Outbound and Backup folder inside Files folder.


Step 7:

Create Logs folder in CBD H2H folder


Step 8:

Go to C Drive >> Program files (x86) >> Default Company Name >> H2H_ClientTool_Setup >> Copy all the support files




Step 9:

Place the copied support files in the CBD H2H folder.


Step 10:

Open the H2H_FileTransfer.exe.config in notepad



Step 11:

Change the LogFilepath >> InputFilePath = It should be Files folder of CBD H2H Folder >>

ServerPublicKeyPath >> ClientPrivateKeyPath >> Change the ClientPrivateKeyPassword >> HostName should be >> PortNo  7122 >> Change UserName and Password >> Save the changes and close the file







Step 12:

Copy the modified H2H_FileTransfer.exe.config from the CBD H2H folder and replace it the file in Default Company folder under Program Files(x86)the 





Step 13:

Go to services >> Locate H2H_FileTransfer >> Properties >> General >> Select Startup type >>

Automatic >> Recovery >> Select Restart the service for first, second and Subsequent failures >> Click Apply >> Start the service












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