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Undertaking Issued Dashboard and Status (Demand Guarantee / Standy Letter of Credit) Print

Step 1: Click on Trade Services > Undertaking Issued

Note: User permissions should be in place to work with the Undertaking Issued module. If not, contact your Corporate Administrator.

  • The Undertaking Issued Landing page displays a list of Undertakings based on its transaction status.

Live - Lists all the approved and expired Undertaking records by the bank. (Maker)

Draft - Lists all the Undertakings in draft state and also the transactions that checker has returned for improvement. (Maker)

Actions - Lists all the Undertakings transactions on which the bank has requested further action. (Maker)

Pending Approval - Lists all existing Undertakings transactions that are awaiting approval from a second user within the corporate. (Checker)

Pending at Bank - Lists all existing Undertakings that are awaiting bank approval. (Maker)

Rejected - Lists all the rejected Undertakings records by the bank. The status given to such Undertakings is "Not Processed".

Other - Lists all the Undertakings transactions that are either expired or have been marked as purged by the bank. You cannot initiate further amendments or messages on such a transaction and can only use its data for inquiry purposes.

• If you would like to check the status of an Undertaking, you would be able to see it on this page in the relevant tabs.

• The following buttons are also available in the Undertaking Issued Landing page:

Templates   Use this option to Create, Edit and Delete an Undertaking Issued template. (Maker)

Request Islamic Undertaking Use this option to initiate a new request for Islamic Undertaking Issued. (Maker)

Request Undertaking Use this option to initiate a new request for Undertaking Issued. (Maker)

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