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Next Generation CBD iBusiness (Frequently Asked Questions) Print

What does Financial Configuration mean?

Financial Configuration is a template consist of applicable Transaction types and account entitlement for each Transaction types. Formerly known as 'Account Setup'.


What is a biometric Login?

This is CBD’s proprietary mobile enabled login mechanism that using biometric technology for login and transaction authentication purposes. Please click on How to Login?


How to login?

The new biometric login procedure follows three steps.

  1. Registration – This involves registering your username, email, and password.
  2. Pairing – This involves pairing your user to your mobile device.
  3. Login – This is the final step to login after completing the registration and pairing steps.

Please follow the link for more details Click on How to Login?


Is your User locked?

If you are unable to access iBusiness because your user has been locked due to incorrect login attempts, follow the steps. How to UNLOCK a USER?


What if I can’t login or don’t have my mobile device (fall back)?

If you are not able to login, please contact your Administrator. If you don’t have a mobile device, please connect with our customer service team for further support. Alternately, you can refer this guide How to Login without mobile device?


What if don’t have a Smart mobile device?

If you don’t have a smart mobile device, you will still be able to login to iBusiness using alternate method (i.e. using Google authenticator) but you will not be able to approve any transaction from mobile device. Please reach out to the customer service team for support.


What if I have changed my mobile number or want to update my user details?

For updating your contact details or profile details, please contact your Administrator. For Administrator user, please follow these steps How to Modify a User details?

What is a Corporate Administrator?

Corporate Administrator is the User nominated by the client to create new Users, delete or modify existing Users, assign or modify User Roles (including assigning the Authoriser User Role to Users), define Account Setup, and create or modify Authorisation Rules.

What is a Corporate User?
A User is any Personnel given access to the Services.

What's a User ID?

UserID is the unique ID assigned by the Bank at the time of User Onboarding.

What does an Authorizer do?

An Authorizer is a User with the User Role allowed to authorize transactions from the Accounts designated to the particular User as per the Authorization Rule.

Can Users have limited access to create specific payment instructions?

Users may request different payment methods for individual Users and also at the account level.

What is an Authorization rule?

Authorization Rule is the transaction authorization workflow setup in iBusiness Services as defined by the Client's Corporate Administrator. iBusiness will provide a customized Authorization Matrix.


Features include:

  1. Multiple approval levels for a single payment method
  2. Multiple approval levels for a group of different payment methods
  3. Sequential or Non-Sequential authorization matrix

What is Access type?

Access Type is a role assigned to Users defining their level of access (such as Viewer, Initiator/Maker, Authoriser, or a combination) and the types of transactions and services that the User can access.

Viewer means the User Role where the User is allowed to view designated Accounts in the Service.

Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa.


What are CBD's Business Days?

The Business Days for CBD are all days of the week other than a Friday or a United Arab Emirates public holiday.

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