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How to Fill Out a Non-WPS Salary File? (Rateb Card Holders) Print

To fill out the Rateb Salary File, refer to the following:

Strictly comply with the following template provided to avoid rejection.


1. Do not modify the file or add any extra lines or hide rows between each beneficiary

2. All fields are mandatory in the file

3. Any discrepancy in the account name, emp ID, or amount would be the customer’s responsibility

  • Company: Name of the company as per Rateb Company Registration
  • EmpID: Provide the employee ID as per Rateb Employee Registration
  • Salary: Fill in the salary amount, do not exceed 2 decimal places, do no round off amounts and no currency code i.e. < AED >. If the employee is not getting any salary either fill in 0.00 or remove them from the list.
  • SalaryMonth: Enter the Salary Amount in DDD-YY format

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