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How to Apply for a Shipping Guarantee Print

Note: User permissions should be in place to initiate a Shipping Guarantee. If not, contact your Corporate Administrator.

Step 1: Click on Trade Services > Shipping Guarantee 

  • From iTrade Dashboard, select Trade Services from the main Menu, and click on Shipping Guarantee


Step 2: Click on Request Shipping Guarantee

Step 3: Input transaction details in each section of the Shipping Guarantee online application form. Fill out all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk.

Tips: Click on Next or Previous to navigate to the next or previous section or you can navigate to any section from the left pane.


Step 4: Fill in the General Details

Create From 

You can initiate a Shipping Guarantee from an existing Shipping Guarantee or existing Letter of Credit. Choose from the options – Existing SG, Existing LC.

Beneficiary Reference 
Enter reference information for the beneficiary, if required.
Customer ReferenceEnter the name for use within your company, for the LC you are creating.
Bill of Lading/Airway Bill


Enter the reference number of the Bill of Lading, Air Way Bill, or any such document against which the guarantee is issued. This field allows up to 35 characters.

Mode of ShipmentMode of transportation for the goods. The dropdown list shows the possible values.
Shipment Details

Name of the vessel or cargo or plane on which the goods will be transported. This field allows up to 65 characters.

Packing Number

Enter packing number.

Vessel Name
Enter vessel name.
CarrierEnter the carrier agent name at the port of destination. 
Transportation NameEnter transportation name. 
Description of Goods

Description of the goods covered by the shipping guarantee. Up to 100 lines of 65 characters each. You can use the button at the top right of this field to select predefined phrases to insert in the narrative. Details such as marks, packages descriptions and contents could be provided in this field.

Step 5: Fill in the Applicant and Beneficiary Details

Name and address of the applicant raising the application. This is a non-editable field.
Name of the applicant. Defaults to the name of your company.
Address of the applicant. Defaults to the address of your company.
Enter the Name and address of the beneficiary. Click on the 'Name' field drop down to select the associated beneficiary. You may also add an adhoc and save it for future use. Enter the new Name and Address details of the beneficiary and slide "Save the Beneficiary" button and enter the abbreviated name for the new beneficiary to be saved for the applicant.
Name of the beneficiary. Click on the drop down for the list of beneficiaries or enter a new beneficiary name.
Address of the beneficiary. If the beneficiary name is selected from the dropdown this field gets auto-filled, else you must enter the address for the new beneficiary.
Beneficiary CountryName of the beneficiary's country. Click on the drop down for the list of countries to select from.

Step 6: Fill in the Issuing Bank and Amount Details

Bank Name
This is a non-editable field and the default value is Commercial Bank of Dubai.
Issuer’s Reference
The reference under which the transaction should be recorded, relevant to CBD.
CIF Currency 
Select the currency from the drop-down menu. 
CIF ValueEnter CIF value. 

Step 7: Fill in the Instruction to Bank Details

Principal Account 

Account number that you want the bank to use to debit any principal amount in the life of the transaction. Click the drop-down down icon to select the account.

Fee Account 
Account number that you want the bank to use to debit any charges and commissions related to the transaction. Click the drop-down icon to select the account.
Other Instructions

Any additional information that would not fit in any of the narratives above. Maximum 100 lines of 65 characters. Click the button to the right of this field, to select predefined phrases to insert into this field.

Step 8: Attachments

File UploadUpload supporting files either by 'Drag and Drop' method or by 'Browsing' to the file location. You can attach up to 5 the supporting documents of size 5 Mega Byte each. The file types supported are PNG, JPEG, JPG, RTF, CSV, XLS, XLSX, DOCX, TXT, DOC, PDF, GIF, ZIP. Samples of files you can upload are Proforma Invoice, Specimen Signature, etc.
BrowseBrowse button and Drag and Drop field, which you can optionally use to attach a file from your local hard disk to give additional details pertaining to the Shipping Guarantee.

Step 9: Confirm transaction details in the Preview section. For adjustments, navigate to the appropriate section and update the details.

Step 10: Once completed, click on Submit and you will receive an acknowledgment if the request has been successful.

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