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Overview About UAEPGS Print

Overview About UAEPGS

UAEPGS is a CB UAE "Payment Gateway" which allows companies, typing centres and individuals to pay for various Merchant services. This application enables customers to make payments using their CBD CASA account, CBD Cash Online account or Credit Card. 

Charges of the Merchant service provider may apply.

UAEPGS Service

  • Visit the Merchant service provider's website
  • Choose the service you would like to pay for
  • Enter your consumer/bill details
  • Click on pay
  • The page will redirect to the UAEPGS payment gateway screen
  • Select "Commercial Bank of Dubai"
  • Select product type 
  • Accept Terms & Conditions
  • The page will redirect to the E-Debit log in screen
  • Enter your Online Banking, Cash Online or iBusiness User ID/Password(Token)
  • Confirm the transaction by providing your transaction PIN/Token 
  • Click on Submit

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