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How to Fill out a File for Cheque Printing? Print

To download the Sample Cheque Printing File Template follow these steps:

  • Log in to iBusiness
  • Go to PCM Products >> Services and click on iPrint
  • Click on iPrint - Upload on the top 
  • Click Upload File
  • Click Download Template fIle to get the Cheque Printing Template
  • You can click the link at the bottom of the page to download the Sample File

To fill the Cheque Printing Template follow these steps:

  • This is only applicable for Normal Cheque Stationeries. For Special A4 Size Cheque Stationeries, refer to your respective Client Excellence Officer
  • Only the following fields are mandatory for Cheque Printing. The rest of the fields in the template can be left blank.
  • The data in the highlighted columns will be printed on the actual cheque stationery.
  • The file should be saved as Excel only (.xslx)


ColumnField NameData TypeCell FormatMandatory/Optional
Max LengthRemarks
AAdvice NumberNumberTextMandatory7Any reference number for this cheque
BAdvice DateDateTextMandatory10Format: DD/MM/YYYY
CNotificationFlagNumberTextMandatory5Always type the numeric “1”
OCustomerRefStringTextMandatory10Any reference number for this cheque
RChequeDateDateTextMandatory10( DD/MM/YYYY)
SAmountNumberTextMandatory10Amount field should not have comma and only have 2 decimal places. Do not change the data type to numbers or accounting to avoid file rejection.
ACFiller1StringTextOptional50Can type “Account Payee” if required; otherwise. Leave blank.

Sample File with details:

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