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How to Apply for an Export Collection Islamic Print

Note: User permissions should be in place to initiate an Export Collection Islamic. If not, contact your Corporate Administrator.

Step 1: Click on Trade Services > Export Collection 

  • From iTrade Dashboard, select Trade Services from the main Menu, and click on Export Collection  

Step 2: Click on Request Export Collection Islamic 

Step 3: Input transaction details in each section of the Export Collection Islamic online application form. Fill out all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk.

Step 4: Fill in the General Details

Tips: Click on Next or Previous to navigate to the next or previous section or you can navigate to any section from the left pane.

Collection Type
Select the type of Export Collection that you want to request. Available values are:

• Regular - Create an Export Collection request for a regular collection from a blank form.

• Remote presentation. 

Create From 

You can initiate a Collection from an existing Collection. Choose from the options – Template, Existing EC.

Click on this option to create a new EC using an existing template.
Existing LC

Upon selection of this option a list of existing ECs is displayed. Select the applicable EC on which you wish to base the new EC.

Mode of Transmission
Select from the available options – SWIFT, Courier/Mail, Other. If Other is selected, enter more details in the Other field.

Enter the references for use within your company, for the EC you are creating.

Step 5: Fill in the Drawer and Drawee Details

Drawer details
Upon entity selection, the Name and Address will be pre-populated. 
Drawee details
Enter the Drawee's details.

Step 6: Fill in the Bank Details

Remitting BankThe bank that the exporter authorizes to carry out the Collection on its behalf.
Bank Name
This is a non-editable field and the default value is Commercial Bank of Dubai.
Issuer’s Reference
The reference under which the transaction should be recorded, relevant to CBD.
Instructions to BankEnter extra instructions for this remittance to the bank, including principal account, fee account, other instructions.
Presenting Bank

Bank that presents the documents to the importer (drawee), usually the importer's bank. Mandatory for a direct collection. The individual fields are described below.

Select the applicable Swift Code that identifies the presenting bank.
Bank Name and Address
Name of the bank. Upon selection of Swift Code this field is auto filled with the bank counterparties that your company maintains.
Collecting Bank 

Any bank, other than the Remitting Bank, involved in obtaining payment or acceptance from the importer (drawee).

Select the applicable Swift Code that identifies the Confirming bank.
Bank Name and Address

Name of the bank. Upon selection of Swift Code this field is auto filled with the bank.

Step 7: Fill in the Payment and Amount Details 

EC Amount

Select the currency and input the EC amount.

Select the tenor from the following options: Sight / Document Against Payment, Document Against Acceptance, Pour Aval, Other. 

Step 8:  Fill in the Shipment Details 

BL/AWB Number
Fill in the BL/AWB Number.
Shipment details

Fill in the shipment details.

Shipment from 
Indicate the port from which the goods are going to be shipped.
Shipment to
Indicate the port to which the goods are going to be shipped.
Incoterms Rules
Select the incoterm rule version applicable for the shipment. 

The purchase terms describing the responsibilities of the seller and the buyer in the current

transaction. The dropdown list shows various values based on what Incoterm Rule is selected.

Named Place

The name of the geographical place known to the trading partners at which risk passes from one Business party to another according to the Incoterm selected above.

Description of Goods

Description of the goods and/or services covered by the Export Collection. 

Step 9: Fill in the Collection Instructions 

Advice Payment

By Method you want to be used for the payment advice. 

Advice Acceptance and Due Date By

Same as above but for the advice of acceptance and due date. No value can be selected if the documents are delivered against payment.

Bank Charge Options

Put a tick in the checkbox to indicate the options. 

Step 10: Attachments

File UploadUpload supporting files either by 'Drag and Drop' method or by 'Browsing' to the file location. You can attach up to 5 the supporting documents of size 5 Mega Byte each. The file types supported are PNG, JPEG, JPG, RTF, CSV, XLS, XLSX, DOCX, TXT, DOC, PDF, GIF, ZIP. Samples of files you can upload are Proforma Invoice, Specimen Signature, etc.
BrowseBrowse button and Drag and Drop field, which you can optionally use to attach a file from your local hard disk to give additional details pertaining to this Collection.

Step 11: Confirm transaction details in the Preview section. For adjustments, navigate to the appropriate section and update the details.

Step 12: Once completed, click on Submit and you will receive an acknowledgment if the request has been successful.

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