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What Are The Payments File Format and Descriptions? Print

Attached are the different file formats and descriptions for payments/remittances through iConnect (Host-to-Host)

Payment Types:

  • Internal Transfer
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • International/Foreign Currency Transfer
  • Single Payment and Cheque File

Available File Formats:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • XML Version 2
  • XML Version 3

File Naming Convention:

Payment File:

  • PAYIR0000001123XXXXXXXXXX.xml (xml,csv,txt,xls,xlsx) 1 Remittance File; Different batch file in iBusiness (As per pay Type - Bulk Internal, Bulk Domestic, Bulk International)
  • SPYIR0000001123XXXXXXXXXX.xml (xml,csv,txt,xls,xlsx) 1 Remittance File; Single batch file in iBusiness (Consolidated - BULK REMITTANCE TRANSFER)
  • PMTIR0000001123XXXXXXXXXX.SFT -- Same as SPY - MT103 (Internal + Domestic + Swift Payment) ; Single batch file in iBusiness (Consolidated - BULK REMITTANCE TRANSFER)
  • SPCIR0000001123XXXXXXXXXX.csv -- Remittance + iPrint in iBusiness QUEUE

File Naming Convention:

  • PAYIRXXX1131315DDMMYY17300000001    PAY+12 Digit IRIM+DDMMYY+HRMMSS+5 Digit File Serial Number

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