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How to Set Up an Authorization Matrix Print

Note: User permissions should be in place to Set Up an Authorization Matrix. If not, contact your Bank Administrator.

Step 1: Click on Administration > Jurisdiction Maintenance > Authorization

  • You will see your exiting Authorization setup, if any

Step 2: To create a new authorization set up, click on Add a new authorization rule

Step 3: Fill in the details for Authorization 

Step 4: Select from the following checkbox after filling all the details in Authorization section


Check 'Verify' if you need verifier prior to submission

Check 'Send' if you need additional sender after checker approves the authorization

Check if you want your matrix to follow sequential flow

Step 5: Add Authorization Level(s)

  • For example, if your company requires three levels of authorization for Letter of Credit, add the required levels.

Step 6: Submit for Approval

  • The corporate checker will be notified for approval of the new authorization matrix.
  • After the checker's approval, the authorization matrix will be applied to the user's transactions. 

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