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Payroll File Format and Descriptions Print

Attached are the different file formats and descriptions for Payroll through iConnect (Host-to-Host)

Payroll Transaction Types:

  • Rate Cards
  • Internal CBD - Salary
  • Internal CBD - Non Salary
  • Internal End of Service
  • External Salary
  • Dubai Pension (GPSSA)
  • Abu Dhabi Pension
  • Single Payroll File (Non-WPS only)
  • WPS File

Available File Formats:

  • XLS (Excel)
  • XLSX (Excel)
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • SIF (For WPS only)

WPS Salary

  • WPS IR0000001123XXXXXXXXXX.SIF (sif,csv,txt,xls,xlsx)

Non WPS Salary

  • Internal Salary : IPS IR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)
  • Internal Non-Salary : INS IR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)
  • Internal End of Service : EOS IR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)
  • External Salary : EPS IR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)
  • Pension : FTS IR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)
  • AbuDhabi Pension : ADPIR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)
  • Rateb [Salary] : RTBIR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)
  • SinglePayRoll (Consolidated Salary file for INS/IPS/EOS/EPS/RTB, NOT for Pension ADP/FTS): SPRIR0000001234XXXXX.xls (csv,txt,xls,xlsx)

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