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How to Make Transfers through the iBusiness Mobile App? Print

Important Notes:

  • User permissions should be in place to initiate payments. If not, contact your Corporate Administrator and follow the guidance in the following guide: How to Enable Mobile App Access for Corporate Users?
  • Biometric authentication must be enabled to initiate transactions. If not, please enable biometrics by following these steps: from the Main Menu > More > Settings > Enable Biometrics
  • You will be able to pay beneficiaries that are already setup on your iBusiness Profile or alternatively you can pay new beneficiaries by inputting the required details. 

Step 1: Initiating Payments

  • Login to the iBusiness Mobile App
  • Select "Fund Transfers" from the Quick Links menu from the dashboard OR "Payments" from the bottom of the screen
  • Select the type of transfer you want to execute, the options are as below:
    1. Within your Accounts - within your CBD Accounts
    2. Within the Bank - to another CBD Account
    3. Within UAE - Local Bank Transfer within the UAE
    4. International - International Bank Transfer outside of the UAE
    5. Cash Online Account - Top-Up your Cash Online Account
    6. To a Credit Card - to pay a UAE Credit Card
    7. To FS Account - to a CBD FS Account
  • Alternatively, you can select to pay one of your Favourite Beneficiaries

Step 2: Making the Payment

  • Enter the transaction details on the initiation screen:
    • Select Debit Account
    • Select an existing Beneficiary from the list
    • For a new Beneficiary, enable "Adhoc Beneficiary" and enter the details
    • Enter the Transfer Amount
    • Enter the Purpose of Payment
    • Charge Account
    • Charge Method
    • Payment Date
    • Fill out the Reference Number and Remarks (optional fields)
  • Confirm transaction details. For adjustments, use “Edit” button on the top right
  • Authenticate using biometrics
  • Finally, you will receive an acknowledgment that your transfer has been submitted, along with the payment reference number 

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