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How to Fill Out the WPS Salary File? Print

Please refer to below to know how to fill out the WPS Salary File.

Kindly ensure to strictly comply with the following template provided to avoid rejection.

  • All columns are mandatory except – “VariablePay” and “Leave”. (These two columns can be blank)
  • The first row (Heading row) on the template should not be changed.
  • Sheet name should remain as Sheet1 and should not be changed.


Field NameDescription
EmpIdThis is the  unique employee id in the company(normally maintained in the company HR system)
Employee NameName of the employee
Employee_TypeThis field should be selected from the list provided. Values for this column are:
“N”- New employee or the employee’s salary is processed in
CBD-WPS system for the first time.
This has to be N when you send the file for the first time.
“E” – Existing employee. (Salary of this employee was
processed through CBD-WPS system at least once before)
“C” – Change – Existing employee whose details has
changed since the last salary.
SalaryNet amount to be paid to the employee including variable pay. 
VariablePayThis is the extra payments like overtime allowances etc. this amount should be included in the salary Amount. Negative amount not allowed in this field. 
AccountNoIBAN or Account number of the employee with the “Agent”- (bank exchange house etc.). In case CBD Rateb card holders account number is same as the employee id provided by CBD.  
AGENT_BANK-RTN_CODEThis is the routing number of the bank or Agent where the employee receives salary. 
MOL_PERSONIDThis is the unique ID provided by Ministry of Labor for each employee. (Accepts maximum of 35 digit personal No: on the face of the employee’s labor card)
Sal_MonthMonth for which the salary is paid. This should be 2 digit numeric. (Eg: “12” for December) 
Sal_Year Year for which salary is paid. It should be 4 digit “yyyy”. 
FromDateStart date of the salary – This should be in the dd/mm/yyyy format
ToDateEnd date of the salary  - This should be in the dd/mm/yyyy format
LeaveNumber of days the employee was on leave with in the salary period.  

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