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How to Onboard a Corporate User Print

Note: User permissions should be in place to onboard a corporate user. If not, please contact your Bank Administrator.  

Step 1: Login into CIB > Click on User Management > Users

Step 2: 1.Click on Create a New User

Step 3: Input user details in each section. Fill out all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk.

  • Fill our all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk. 

Step 4: Fill in User Profile Information

Step 5: Fill in the User Details section

User IDEnter User ID
User Access TypeSelect the access type for the user (Authorizer, Initiator, or Both).f the user is authorizer, you will need to upload the identification document. 
Login AuthenticationThis will be selected by default, based on what is enabled for your corporate by the Bank Administrator.

Step 6: In Access Details section, add the appropriate Financial Configuration for the user and enable the FCC trade subscription.

Step 7: For adjustments, navigate to the appropriate section and update the details.

Step 8: Once completed, review the transactions and click on Submit. You will receive an acknowledgment if the request has been successful.

Step 9: Once the create user request is approved, an email notification will be sent for approval intimation setting up user access, roles and permissions on iTrade.

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