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How to Request for A Cash Pick-up? Print

*This service is accessible from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

From this Service, you will be able to request for Adhoc Cash Collections.

Step 1: Log in to iBusiness and click on iManage. Afterwards, you will be redirected to the iManage (Global Liquidity and Receivables Solution) Home Page.

Step 2: To request for a new Cash Pick-up, click on Pick-up Request Management on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Click Add Pick-up Request

Step 4: Please fill out the mandatory details marked in asterisk. 

  • It is recommended to provide multiple pick-up time slots to provide flexibility to select the time for pick-up.
  • You can click on the + button on the right side to add a new pick-up time slot

  • For each pick-up slot, you can enter a different contact person by clicking on the+ button
  • If the contact person is same across all pick-up slots, you can tick on the box beside "Contact Person is same across all the pickup times"

Step 5: Click on Save & Submit and Confirm.

  • The request will flow to the vendor for acceptance.

Step 6: To view your request, click on Pick-up Request and click on Search. It will show you the summary of the requests submitted along with the status.

Step 7: Once the request is already marked as Accepted by Vendor, you can go to Pick-up Request Monitoring to view the status of the Cash Collection.

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