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How to Use the iBusiness Mobile Application? Print

Step 1: Logging In

  • On the Mobile App, click on "Already a customer"
  • Enter your User ID
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN and 6-digit Token Number (10 digits with no spaces)
  • Set up Touch ID or Face ID for biometric authentication for future logins and for transaction approvals
  • If you don’t set-up biometrics, you will continue to login and use iBusiness Mobile App with RSA Token, but you won’t be able to approve transactions

Step 2: Mobile App Dashboard 

  • On the Mobile App Dashboard, you have easy access to:
    • Your Accounts
    • Transaction Pending Approvals
    • Approval QR Code Scan
    • Application Menu (Enquiries, Transactions, Others)

Step 3: How to Select your Favourite Accounts?

You can select your Favourite Accounts to be displayed in your Mobile App Dashboard by default. 

As such, you will have easy access to your most used account summary, activity and details. You can follow the below steps to add Favourite Accounts:

  • On the first time you login, click on ‘Pick your Favourite Accounts”
  • On the Account summary screen, select the ‘Star Icon” besides the title Account
  • Click on your favourite accounts to be displayed 
  • Alternatively, you can also use the “filter”, select “currency” and “Account Type 

Step 4: Accounts 

View your Account Summary, Activity, Details & Statements   

  • You can view your Favourite Account summary on the Mobile App dashboard
  • You can view the Account Activity, Details and Statements by clicking on the Account Numbers
  • For all accounts, click on “See All” on the dashboard to view Account Summary, Activity, Details and statements by clicking on the account number

Step 5: Transaction Approvals 

  • From the Mobile App Dashboard, you can view all transactions pending your approval, listed by:
    • Transaction Type
    • Status

Step 6: QR Code Scan 

  • You can approve transactions using the QR Code Scan
  • The QR Code can be generated from iBusiness Online Banking from "Queue" -> "Generate QR Code"

Step 7: View Transactions

  • You can view all transactions status by clicking on “Transactions” on the Mobile App menu

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