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Export Collection Dashboard and Status Print

Step 1: Click on Trade Services > Export Collection


Note: User permissions should be in place to work with Export Collections. If not, contact your Corporate Administrator.


The Export Collections Landing page displays a list of Export Collections based on its transaction status. If you would like to check the status of an Export Collection, you would be able to see it on this page in the relevant.


Outstanding - Lists all the outstanding and expired Export Collection records by the bank. (Maker)

Draft - Lists all the Export Collection events in draft state and also the transactions that checker has returned for improvement. (Maker)

Actions - Lists all the Export Collections transactions on which the bank has requested further action. (Maker)

Pending Approval - Lists all existing Export Collection transactions that are awaiting approval from a second user within the corporate. (Checker)

Pending at Bank - Lists all existing Export Collections that are awaiting bank approval. (Maker)

Rejected - Lists all the rejected Export Collections records by the bank. The status given to such Export Collection is "Not Processed".

Other - Lists all the Export Collection transactions that are either expired or have been marked as purged by the bank. You cannot initiate further amendments or messages on such a transaction and can only use its data for inquiry purposes.

  • The following buttons are also available in the Export Collection Landing page:

Templates Use this option to Create, Edit and Delete an Export Collection template. (Maker)

Request Islamic Export Collection Use this option to initiate a new request for Export Collection. (Maker)

Request Export Collection Use this option to initiate a new request for Export Collection. (Maker) 

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