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Checking Your Hold and Float Amount in Next Gen CIB Print

For checking the Hold and Float status, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to iBusiness using your user and go to Accounts & Enquiries > Account Summary.

The system will display a list of the amounts held with the following information account-wise:

  • Account Number
  • Description of Hold
  • Posting Date
  • Amount on Hold
  • Total Amount on Hold for each account


Step 2: To see all hold amount details User will be able to click on the horizontal ellipsis and click “View all hold details”


User will be able to select and account to view its hold details.

To see the Grand Total Hold amount, users will be also able to click on view all accounts.

Step 3: Similarlyto see all float amounts details, user will be able to click on the horizontal ellipsis and click “View all float details”.

Users will be able to select an account to view its float amount details.

Also, the user can select all accounts to view the Grand Total Float Amount.

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