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How to Cancel a Deal in iBusiness Next Gen ? Print

To Cancel a Deal, follow these steps:


Step 1: Log in to iBusiness using your user and go to Services & Reports > Service Requests. Then, click Initiate a Request

Step 2: Select Account Services 

  • Then, Click on the Deals Management drop-down list



Step 3: Select Deal Booking Maintenance  


Step 4: Click on Select Account drop-down list


Step 5: Type your account ID or Search and Select Account ID

Step 6: Click on the Status drop-down list and Select “Booked” 


Step 7: Click “Search”  


Step 8: All booked deals will be shown, click “Cancel” on the desired deal. 


Step 9: User will be redirected to the summary review screen to validate all filled/selected data. Then click “Submit”


Step 10: Enter TOTP

An acknowledgment Screen will appear providing the user with a Reference Number, Date and Time of Transaction Initiation

Step 11: 

  • Post initiating the request, it will move to the checker’s queue for action.
  • The Approver should log in to iBusiness and click on the transactions tab and go to pending your Authorization
  • The pending items for the action will be available under transaction type “Service Requests”
  • Approver can review the details of the request/documents uploaded, and act (Approve/Reject) on the request initiated.

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