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Modifying User’s Role and Account Setup Next Gen CIB Print

For modifying your Account Setup, follow these steps:


Step 1: Log in to iBusiness using your user and go to Corporate Management > Financial Configuration.


Step 2: User will click on the Edit Button.

  • User can rename the Financial Configuration
  • User will be able to re-assign the Transactions for this customized Financial Configuration 


Step 3: User will be able to select a Transaction Type e.g. Current and Saving Accounts (CASA) and select an Account to be added for this Customized Financial Configuration. Then the user will click the Proceed Button.

Step 4: User will be redirected to summary review screen for verification of the details for the modification of this Customized Financial Configuration.

Step 5: User will complete the authentication step using the biometric verification mechanism.

Checker Actions:

  1. Post Initiating the request, it will move to the Checker’s queue for action.
  2. The Approver should log in to iBusiness and click on the Transactions Tab and go to Pending your Authorizations 
  3. The Pending items for the action will be available under transaction type Modify Financial Configuration.
  4. Approver can review the details of the request/documents uploaded, and
    act (Approve/Reject) on the request initiated.

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