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How to Upload your Hybrid Requests on Next Gen CIB? Print

Please note that the process of uploading of payroll and remittance files online remain the same, however, instead of submitting the signed letter to the branch, the document should be uploaded on iBusiness by following the below guidelines.


To upload your signed Hybrid Requests, follow these steps:


Step 1:  Log in to iBusiness using your user and go to Services & Reports > Service Request

  • Click on Digital Documentation
  • Select Request: Hybrid Remittance (Process is same for Hybrid Payroll)

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Description automatically generated


Step 2: 

  • Select the Account Number which is the same as the account number on the form (If there are multiple account numbers, you can select any of the account numbers from the list)
  • You can add any additional information in the Request Description field.
  • Click on the link to Upload Documents to upload supporting documents
  • Once done, Click on Proceed.


Step 3:  

  • After performing the above activities, Accept the Terms and Conditions and click the Submit button below the extreme right to initiate the request.


Step 4: Authentication via paired device to proceed

  • You will receive a notification on your mobile device to authenticate the transaction.
  • Once authenticated, you will be navigated to the confirmation screen with a reference number generated.


Step 5: In the case of the maker/checker, the request is required to be approved by Checker/Approver before it reaches the bank for completion.

  • Post Initiating the request, it will move to the Approvers queue for action
  • The Approver should log in to iBusiness and click on the Transactions Tab and go to Pending your Authorizations 
  • The Pending items for the action will be available under transaction type Service Request
  • Approver can review the details and act (Approve/Reject) on the request initiated.

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