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How to Initiate a WPS Refund Request Print

You can initiate a WPS Recall Request through iBusiness by following these steps:

Common WPS Refund Reasons:

001- Errors in computation of fixed wages

002- Errors in computation of variable wages

003- Errors in computation of wages

004- Same data sent through multiple WPS Participant

005- Same data sent through another WPS Participant.

007- Duplicate contents sent in error by employer.

009- Error in computation of Salary period

010- Request Refund of Transferred Monies - Employee Terminated

011- Request Refund of Transferred Monies - Employee Out of Country

012- Request Refund of Transferred Monies - Agent Changed

016- Incorrect Employee Account With Agent in SIF

Log in from the User Token.

Step 1: Click on the Transact Tab on the top Menu

  • Click on Payroll>> WPS Refund Request option on the left side menu

Step 2: Enter the WPS Transaction Reference No. or Select Other Search Criteria and enter the particular details to narrow your Search

  • All previously uploaded files will be displayed
  • Click Details to proceed

Step 3: Click Refund

  • You can also upload a SIF file salary template if preferred

Step 4: Upload the WPS Refund Request File and Enter the Total Amount then click on Submit

  • You can download the WPS Refund Request file template by clicking on Download Sample Salary File on the upper right corner
  • To know how to fill out the salary file template, please refer to the article "How to Fill-Out the WPS Refund Request File?"

Step 5: Review the details and click on Upload

 Step 6: Enter the PIN + RSA Token and click Submit

  • The approval process will depend on the setup done by the iBusiness System Administrator
  • The system will generate a reference number that you can use to track the status of the payment
  • You can monitor the request under the Queue tab

WPS Refund Requests takes 2-3 weeks depending on the Beneficiary Bank's process.

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