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How to Upload a Pension File? (Dubai and Abu Dhabi Pension Payments) Print

To transfer Pension Payments to Dubai or Abu Dhabi Pension Authority, follow these steps:

Log in from the User Token

Step 1: Click on the Transact Tab on the top Menu

  • Click on Payroll>> External option on the left side menu

Step 2: Select the Debit Account Number from the dropdown and enter the total salary amount in the file

  • The processing date will be the current date by default. For future-dated salary transfers, you can select the date required from the calendar
  • Click GPSSA (Dubai Payments) or ADPBRF (Abu Dhabi Pension Payments) under the Type option
  • You can download the salary file template by clicking on Download Sample Pension Salary File (GPSSA) or Download Sample Abu Dhabi Pension Filon the upper right corner
  • To fill out the salary file template, please download the respective Pension File Instruction for Abu Dhabi Pension File and refer to Sheet 2 for Dubai Pension File.

Step 3: Select the Pension File by clicking on Choose File

Step 4Click on Validate File for the system to verify the file format details

  • If an error is detected during validation, revise the file as per the error feedback and re-upload

Step 5: Once the file is successfully validated, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Submit

Step 6: Review the details and click Confirm

 Step 7: Enter the PIN + RSA Token and click Submit

  • The approval process will depend on the setup done by the iBusiness System Administrator
  • The system will generate a reference number that you can use to track the status of the pension payment
  • You can monitor the request under the Queue tab

Note: The cut-off time for Pension Payment is 3:00 PM

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