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What are the Guidelines for Dubai Pension Payments (GPSSA) Print

Information Required for Contribution Payments from GPSSA-UAEFTS Guideline Document

The information given below are mandatory and required for all insured / contributors during the contribution payment transfer through UAEFTS

  • Emirates ID (Valid Emirates ID mandatory for all insured)
  • Employer ID
  • Contribution Period
  • Salary Breakdown
  • Contribution Amount – (17.5% or 20% of Pensionable Salary)

The Remittance Information (CTD-16) should consist of all the above data for the electronic transfer. This is Mandatory for all transactions

The Special Instruction (CTD-19) is a variable-length column that is not required for normal contribution; but mandatory for Adjustments

Emirates ID and GPSSA Pension Account Number

  • To process the monthly contribution through UAEFTS, the Pension Account Number of each employee is required. It is derived using the National ID / Emirates ID.
  • GPSSA Pension Account in UAEWPS / UAEFTS starts with Entity ID “851”
  • Employee Emirates Id: 784-1965-3817293-1

Prefix with “AE008510” to make it 23 digits AE008510784196538172931 which will be the IBAN Number for the GPSSA Pension Account

Employer ID

GPS identifies each EMPLOYER through a UNIQUE identifier.

In the interest of standardization, the EMPLOYER ID for processing pension contribution will be an alphanumeric string with 13 characters.

For Example:

  • If your existing Company Code is 9999
  • Then, add the prefix “AE” at the beginning
  • Add enough ZEROES to make it a 13 characters EMPLOYER ID
  • That is (AE + 7 Zeroes + 4 digit Company ID ) = AE + 0000000 + 9999)
  • Subsidiary companies registered with GPSSA must use their respective Employer Code issued by GPSSA.

Contribution Period

A monthly subscription to GPSSA is processed, similar to the monthly salary paid to the Employee. Similar to how the monthly salary is paid in arrears, the contribution is paid for the month worked.

  • For Example: If the salary for Aug 2017 is processed on 2nd Sept 2017, then the Contribution Period for GPSSA is 082017 (Aug 2017)

The contribution must be processed before the end of the Grace Period. i.e. on or before the 15th of the following month

  • For Example: Aug 2017 contribution must be paid on or before 15th Sept 2017. Otherwise, a late fee will be applied

MMYYYY refers to the Contribution Period and not the Processing Month.

  • For Example: If AUGUST 2017 payment is processed on the Value Date of 10th September 2017, then the Contribution Period will be 082017 (and NOT Sept 2017)

Contribution Period Validation

To process the current month as contribution month, the value date must be greater than the 18th of the month.

If the value date of payment is before the 18th of the month,

  • UAEFTS will allow the previous THREE months as a contribution period

If the value date of payment is from or after the 18th of the month:

  • UAEFTS will allow the current month and previous TWO months as contribution periods.

For example, in January 2018:

Useful Tip

Make it a practice to pay the monthly GPSSA contribution between the 20th day of the current month and the 12th day of the following month.

For Example, The payment for the contribution period of December 2017 can be paid between the value dates - 20th Dec 2017 and 10th Jan 2018.

In case of any technical issue with the bank, you have enough buffer time to re-submit the payment before the end of the grace period (15th of next month) For Example, For the contribution period of December 2017 the deadline is 15th Jan 2018 (end of grace period)

To know more details on GPSSA Payments, refer to the attached guideline document.

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