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How to Fill Out the WPS Refund Request File? Print

To fill out the file required for initiating a WPS Refund Request, refer to the following:

Sample File:


1234WPSREFUND.xlsAE234234234242423001- Errors in computation of fixed wages0.0

Field Descriptions:

  • Please fill out each field based on the Original WPS file uploaded.
Field NameDescription
EmpIdThis is your own Unique ID assigned to the employee
OrginalFileNameThe File Name of the Original Salary File which was uploaded
EMPAccountNoAccount number of the employee. In the case of Rateb card, the account number should be the same as employee ID given by bank. For Non-CBD Account Holders, IBAN number is mandatory.
RequestCodeThe reason for requesting the refund. Choose from the dropdown.
RequestAmountThe amount to be refunded

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