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What is IPI (Instant Payment Instructions)? Print

The Central Bank of the UAE has introduced Immediate Payment Instruction (IPI), which enables the clients to make an immediate payment or transfer to another bank account in the UAE in real-time without any cut-offs. 

With IPI, clients can now make time-sensitive payments immediately, wherever and whenever necessary.

What is IPI?

IPI stands for Immediate Payment Instruction, which enables you to make an immediate payment

in AED to another bank account in the UAE immediately, up to AED 100,000.

Are immediate payments applicable for all bank accounts in UAE?

Immediate payments are applicable for all AED-denominated bank accounts in UAE. However, please ensure that the receiving/ beneficiary bank has also enabled immediate payment instructions.

Will my bank account be debited immediately?

Yes, your bank account will be debited immediately.

Will the beneficiary receive funds immediately?

The beneficiary is expected to receive funds immediately, however, this may depend on the beneficiary bank.

Any delay, should be followed up by the beneficiary with their bank.

Is there a transaction limit for immediate payments?

Yes, there is a limit of AED 100,000 per transaction for immediate payments.

Can I make immediate payments towards my credit card bill?

No, currently immediate payments are only applicable for account to account payments (current/savings accounts).

Can I recall an immediate payment?

No, immediate payments cannot be recalled, so please ensure that the details you enter for payments are correct. In case of a recall initiated manually from the bank, it is subject to acceptance by the beneficiary account.

Can I use charge types ‘BEN’ and ‘SHA’ for immediate payments?

No, immediate payments can only be processed with the charge code ‘SHA’. If you select other charge types, the system will default it to ‘SHA’.

Can I select the payment processing option i.e. IPI or FTS while initiating a payment?

No, any AED payment up to AED 100,000 will automatically be processed through IPI only.

Why is the transaction status showing “Expired” or “Bank not Available”?

The main reason is due to the beneficiary bank has not responded within the stipulated time or the account is either locked or dormant or inactive.

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