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How to Make an International Bank Transfer? Print

For any cross-border or foreign currency payments, please follow these steps. 

Log in from the User Token.

Step 1: Click on the Transact Tab in the Top Menu

  • Click on Remittance>> International Bank Transfer option on the left side menu

Step 2: Select the debit account, beneficiary type and click on the Search Beneficiary option

  • If the beneficiary is not registered, follow this article: 
    •  "How to Register A Beneficiary for International Bank Payments?"
  • You can also make a one-time payment by directly entering the beneficiary details without clicking Search/Add Beneficiary

Step 3: Enter the Beneficiary Name or Nick Name and click on Search

  • The system will display the list of registered beneficiaries
  • Select the beneficiary required and click Submit

Step 4: The system will go back to the main payment screen. You can proceed with entering the remaining required payment details.

  • Transfer Currency should be a foreign currency
  • For AED cross border payments, Correspondent Bank/Intermediary Bank details are mandatory
  • Payment details should match with the corresponding Payment Type and should not be less than 10 characters
  • Payment details should also not contain Special Characters
  • For Charge Type, refer to below:
    • SHA - CBD Charges to Remitter
    • OUR - Pay in Full (BNF)
    • BEN - Deduct Charges from Amount
  • If required, you can also attach a supporting document which will go to the authorizer/s by clicking on the Attach Document option
  • If you need to save the beneficiary for future payments, tick the box under the Save Beneficiary option and select the beneficiary type as Public or Private
    • Public Beneficiary will be available for all users while Private Beneficiary will only be available for the user who registered the beneficiary
  • You can also make the payment future-dated by clicking the future date option and selecting the transaction date from the calendar
  • If a special rate is obtained from Treasury, enter the deal rate and deal amount in their respective fields and write the details under Special Instruction
  • Click on Initiate once done filling out the transaction details

Step 5: Review the details and click Confirm

Step 6: Enter the PIN + RSA Token and click Submit

  • The approval process will depend on the setup done by the iBusiness System Administrator
  • You can monitor the request under the Queue tab

Note: The cut-off time for International Payments is 4:00 PM

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