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How to View the Status of Your Bulk Files? Print

To view the status of uploaded Bulk Payment Files for Outward Remittances, follow these steps:

Log in from the User Token.

Step 1: Click on the Transact Tab in the Top Menu

  • Click on Transact >> Bulk File View option on the left side menu
  • You can narrow your search by selecting the different filter criteria before clicking on Search

Step 2: You can also scroll down to view the Bulk Files Summary

  • The system will display all the uploaded transactions based on the Bulk Transaction Identifier, Transaction Type and File Status
  • Click on the File Status type to view the details of the files uploaded
  • The Different file statuses would be as follows:
    • Received - File Received by Bank and Under Verification
    • Error - File Validation Failed
    • Pre Processed - File Verified and Pending for Authorization
    • Authorized - File is Fully Authorized
    • Response Generation - Reverse File (Transaction Status File) generation
    • Completed - Executed/Rejected
    • Rejected By Authorizer - File Rejected by Authorizer

Step 3: The system will reflect the list of files uploaded for the particular Transaction Type

  • You have the option to download the summary of the files uploaded under the same status by clicking on the download or print option on the upper left corner

  • Select the Download Type and File Format
  • You can also add/remove the details required in the file by clicking on the arrows
  • Click Download once the required options are selected

  • Sample Report displayed below

Step  4: To view the status of each transaction in the file, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the File Reference Number

  • The system will display the list of records for the particular batch file
  • The following details will be displayed:
    • Beneficiary Name
    • Record Reference Number
    • Amount
    • Beneficiary Account
    • Value Date
    • Status
    • E-Banking Reference Number - A reference number will be generated for each record which can be used to track the payments
  • Scroll to the right to view the status of the record
  • If the status is rejected, initiate the payment as required
  • Details of the payment can be viewed by clicking on the Record Reference Number

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