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Remote Cheque Deposit - Assigning Remote Cheque Deposit Roles to the Users Print

To assign Remote Cheque Deposit Role to the users, you will first need to enable iManage subscription on iBusiness using Administrator user.

Please follow the below guidance:

Enabling iManage Subscription to User

  • Log in to iBusiness as Coporate Administrator
  • Go to User Management and click on User
  • Enter the User ID and click Search
  • Select the User ID and Click on Edit/Modify User
  • Click proceed on the first 2 pages. Then, on the 3th page, select iManage Subscription
  • Click Proceed and Submit

After clicking on Submit and Confirm, the system will route you to the DigiTB Customer User Profile page where the following actions needs to be performed:

  • Products Entitlement
  • Accounts Entitlement
  • Assignment to Authorization User Group

Step 1: Click on "Product Entitlement" from the top menu then click on RCD.

  • Once you click on RCD, the following options will be displayed. You may proceed with the setup as per the user's requirement.
  • Tick the entitlements required as per the below description then click on Next
    • Manage RCD Deposit
      • Add - Allow cheque scanning functionality to the user
      • Repair - Allow the user to repair batch with incorrect details
      • View - Allow user to view cheques deposited
      • Self-Approval - Select this option if the user will solely scan and approve the batch without authorizer's approval.
      • Approve - Select this option if user will approve the batch of cheques scanned by the maker
    • Bulk Scan
      • Add - Allow bulk cheque scanning functionality to the user
      • ViewAllow user to view cheques deposited through bulk scanning
    • RCD Deposit Upload & Monitoring
      • Upload - Allow user to upload pre-defined excel / csv file with the Remote Cheque Deposit data
      • Image Mapping - Allow the user to perform manual cheque matching
      • View - Allow user to search the cheque images
    • CDC - Cheque Management
      • View - Allow user to view the details of all the current-dated cheques
    • PDC - Cheque Management
      • Extend / Withdraw - Allow user to extend the PDC Due Date or Withdraw the PDC for customer managed PDCs.
      • View - Allow user to view the details of all the post-dated cheques
      • Account Update - Allow the user to change the Account Number where the PDC is lodged.
      • Approve - Select this option if user will approve the PDC management requested by the Maker.
      • Clearing Submission - Select this option if PDC manual submission is to be done by the User 

Step 2: Click on "Product - Accounts Entitlement" from the top menu then click on "RCD - RCDCHQ - RCD cheque" from the left menu

  • Select the RIM Name to assign the Account Number/s where user can deposit cheques

  • Select the Account Number/s, Location and Default Scanner as per your requirement then click on Next

Important Note: This 3rd Step is only applicable if you opted for Customer PDC Warehousing Service

Step 3: Click on Authorization User Group

  • Click on PDC Modification (Extension & Withdrawal)
  • User can be assigned on a Group based on Product Level or Account Level
  • Select the options as per your requirement and click on Submit

Congratulations! You have now completed the User Entitlement Setup for this user. 

Please note, this process needs to be completed for each RCD user.

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