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Remote Cheque Deposit - How to Download the Deposit Slip? Print

Step 1: To get the Deposit Slip, click on Reports >> Generate Reports from the Menu on the left hand side

  • Select Cheque Deposit Report

Step 2: You will be navigated to the Cheque Deposit Report Screen

  • Select the Current Date in the "From Date" and "To Date" fields to view the Deposit Slips for the cheques scanned on the same day. You can also change the dates to filter for relevant information as required.
  • Click on View Report

Step 3: The screen will display the Deposit Advice based on the filtered criteria selected

  • You can click Print or Save depending on your requirement
  • Upon clicking the Save option, you will have the option to save the Deposit Advice in either PDF or Excel

  • After selecting the required format, the file will be downloaded and available for review.

Sample Deposit Advice:


The Cheque in the Deposit Advice will be segregated based on the 4 categories below. You will have to print multiple Deposit Advices based on the cheques category:

Cheque TypeIs PDCCategory
OnusYesCBD - Post Dated Cheques
OnusNoCBD - Current Dated Cheques
OutwardYesNon CBD - Post Dated Cheques
OutwardNoNon CBD - Current Dated Cheques

For Example:

If there are 4 cheques scanned comprising of:

  • 1 CBD Post Dated Cheque
  • 2 CBD Current Dated Cheques
  • 1 Non CBD Post Dated Cheque

Then there will be 3 Deposit Advices available, for the 3 different cheque categories.

Sample CBD Cheque (Non-PDC) Deposit Advice:

Sample CBD Cheque (PDC) Deposit Advice:

Sample Outward Cheque (Non-PDC) Deposit Advice:

Sample Outward Cheque (PDC) Deposit Advice:

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