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How to Apply for a 100% Cash Margin Guarantee? Print

To apply for a 100% Cash Margin bank guarantee, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to iBusiness >> "Services"  >> "Digital Documentation" >> "Guarantee Issuance with 100% Cash Margin"

Step 2: Download & Fill the Form under Digital Documentation

  • Please download the PDF File
  • Fill out all the fields in the form. Please note the form should be filled out on your PC
  • Print a copy of the form and obtain a wet signature from one of your authorized signatory

Step 3: Upload the Filled & Signed Form

  • Select Service as "Guarantee Issuance with 100% Cash Margin" 

  • Fill the Description with any relevant details

  • Upload the Completed Application Form

  • Accept Terms & Conditions

  • Select "Initiate"

  • Select "Confirm"

  • Enter your Pin & Token Number

Step 4: Approver / Admin Authorization

  • Request your Approver / Admin to login to iBusiness

  • Navigate to "Queue" >> "Pending Company Approval" or "Pending Authorization"

  • Review and Authorize the Transaction

  • Enter your Pin & Token Number

Step 5: Monitoring the Status of the Transaction

  • You may monitor the status of your transaction in the iBusiness Queue Module by following the steps in the below guide:

How to Track the Status of Your Requests?

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