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What is the Cheque Printing Process? Print

Please proceed with the steps below once the file has been successfully verified and approved.

Step 1: Log in to iBusiness as a Maker

  • Go to Services
  • Click PCM Products
  • Click iPrint (Corporate Cheque Printing Solution)

Step 2: The system will open a new window and will display the screen below.

  • The upper right screen will display the user name, role, and last login date
  • The menu tabs are composed of
    • Home – Dashboard screen
    • iPrint Upload
    • iPrint Process
    • iPrint Reports

Step 3: Click on iPrint Process >> Print Cheque - Print Queue

Step 4: Based on the batch ID, click on Allocate Cheque Number and enter the start of the cheque number series in the "From Number" field,

  •  The “To number” field will automatically populate as per the number of cheques in the batch.

Step 5: Once the cheque numbers are allocated, the user can download the PDF file by clicking on Cheque.pdf

  •  PDF link will only be available once, therefore, needs to be saved.

Step 6: For normal checkbook stationary, the maker has to print with the following settings: 

Page size and handling: Actual Size 

Orientation: Landscape

Paper size: A5. (For A4 Size cheques, printer settings can be as is.)

  • Open the PDF file from Adobe Reader only as printer settings cannot be applied if the file is opened using Google Chrome or Internet Browser.

Step 7: After printing the cheque, the user has to update the batch status. Click on the batch ID and update the status for each cheque by selecting either Printing Successful or Printing Failed.

  • If printing failed, select the failure reason, enter the remarks and then click on close batch.
  • Closing of the Batch is important for cheque details to flow to the bank for verification during cheque clearing.

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