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How to Initiate A Cardless Cash Withdrawal? Print

The Cardless Cash Withdrawal solution allows customers availing iBusiness with transaction access to withdraw cash faster and more securely at CBD ATMs by pre-requesting transactions through iBusiness, our state-of-the-art, corporate online banking platform.

Features and Benefits:

• The solution is free of cost.

• Avoid third-party cheque withdrawal charges at the teller. Faster cash withdrawal from any CBD ATM without a Debit Card.

• Pay cash remotely to a third party instead of issuing a cheque.

• Allows withdrawing up to a Maximum of AED 40,000 in one transaction with multiples of AED 10.

• Secured solution with two-factor authentication with a one-time use password (OTP) and e-banking reference number.

• The OTP is valid for 12 hours to provide more secured transactions.

Log in from the User Token

Step 1: Click on the Transact Tab on the top Menu

  • Click on the Cardless Cash Withdrawal option on the left side menu

Step 2: Select the Debit Account Number and enter the amount that needs to be withdrawn

  • The amount should be in multiples of AED 100.
  • A transaction cannot exceed AED 40,000.

Step 3: Select the Beneficiary Name by clicking on the Search Button

Step 4: Review the details and Confirm

 Step 5: Enter the PIN + RSA Token and click Submit

  • The approval process will depend on the setup done by the iBusiness System Administrator
  • You can monitor the request under the Queue tab
  • Please copy the e-banking reference number. The e-banking reference number should be shared with the Beneficiary by the customer directly (it is not sent in the message with OTP to heighten security). 
  • Cash Withdrawal should be done within 12 hours from the time of approval to avoid OTP expiry.

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