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How do I Track my Payments through SWIFT gpi? Print

SWIFT gpi allows you to track payments and know the real time transaction information for both Inward and Outward International Payments.

**Please note that real time status will only reflect for SWIFT gpi Compliant Banks.

Log in from the User Token.

Step 1: Click on the Enquire Tab on the top Menu

  • Select the Remittance Type - Either Inward Remittance Inquiry or Outward Remittance Inquiry
    • For Inward Remittance, enter the UETR or Credit Account Number
    • For Outward Remittance, enter the UETR or Debit Account Number

  • If debit account/credit account is selected then system will consider the last 5 days of transaction including current day
  • If UETR number is given, then no other fields will be considered for the search results
    • Inward Remittance - UETR number will be available on the SWIFT Copy shared by the Sender
    • Outward Remittance - UETR number will be available on the e-Advice or alternatively, you can search based on the debit account number

Step 2: The payment details will appear below along with the real-time status

Step 3: Click on the UETR reference number to view the Transaction Details & Download the Swift Advice/MT103

  • To download the copy of the SWIFT Advice/MT103 Message, select the document type (Text or PDF) and click on download
  • Click on the file icon to view the downloaded document.

Sample SWIFT in Text Format

Sample Swift in PDF Format

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