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Frequently Asked Questions while Setting up your Authorization Workflow Print

These are the different types of questions you might ask while setting up your Authorization Rules or Workflow.

1. How do I setup an Auto-Authorized Rule?

  • What is an Auto-Authorized Rule?
    • An Auto-Authorized Rule is where there is no other user required to authorize or release the submitted transactions. Once the user initiates the request, it will flow directly to the bank for processing.
  • Where is this rule frequently used?
    • This rule is frequently used by customers who are having single users and do not have another user to approve their requests/transactions
    • This rule is also used for particular transactions/requests which are not required to be approved by the Signatories such as Cash Dispute Requests, Account Services Letter Requests, Beneficiary Creation, MOL ID Creation etc.

How to create an auto-authorize/self-authorize rule:

  1. Please follow the steps below from the Administrator Token:
  2. Log-in using administrator token
  3. Go to Authorization management -> Authorization Rules
  4. Click Create
  5. Select Maker as user ID - Either a particular user ID or Group Name can be selected
  6. Enter amount from and to for limit - This is only applicable for Financial Transactions. (For Non-Financial Transactions         like Letter Requests, Beneficiary Creation, Cash Dispute this field can be left blank.
  7. Submit and Confirm

2. Can I Maker approve their own request or transaction?

  • Answer: No, if a Maker initiated a request or transaction and he is also part of the same workflow, he won't be able to initiate and approve at the same time.

3. I am facing an Error "No Entitlement Found" while submitting a Transaction/Request

There are multiple reasons why you could face the above issue but here are some of the most common reasons and how to fix it:

  • You do not have an Authorization Workflow setup- Proceed to our Article :  Setting Up Your Authorization Workflow to know how to setup the Authorization Workflow for your request.
  • Authorization Workflow is Account Specific - For Non-Financial Transactions such as Letter Requests, Beneficiary Creation, Cash Dispute - The Account Number Field should be kept as All and not Account Specific
  • Authorization Workflow is Amount Specific - For Non-Financial Transactions such as Letter Requests, Beneficiary Creation, Cash Dispute - The From Amount Field should be kept as 0 (Zero)
  • You are submitting a payment higher than your limit. - Proceed to our Article : How to Check/Modify Your Existing Authorization Workflow? to know how to increase the amount of your current workflow

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