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How to View Your Account Statements? Print

To view your account statement, follow these steps:   

Step 1:  

  • Log in to iBusiness.
  • Click on the Enquire tab on the top menu
  • Click on the Account Statement option on the left side
  • You can view/download month-wise statements going back up to 2 years

Step 2: Select the options from the dropdown as per your requirement

  • Select Format - You have the option to display the Account Statement on-screen or download in the following formats:
    • CSV/Excel
    • PDF
    • Text

Step 3: Click on Submit

  • If Format Type is selected as on-screen, the transaction details will display as follows:

  • If Format Type is selected as PDF, Excel, or Text, a file will be generated and downloaded to your PC. You can open the file to view your transaction details.

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