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How to Link/Delete Accounts on iBusiness? Print

For View Access Package, please submit the iBusiness Amendment Form (Transaction Banking - Amendment Form ) and fill it as shown:

In Section 2 Add/Delete Mapping for Channels and Services, please mention the account number, account title & currency of the account and tick the channels/products applicable.


The form needs to be signed by the authorized signatory & marked with the company stamp. To be submitted either to your respective Relationship Manager or to Service Support DeskGround Floor, CBD Head Office.

If you have a Transaction Package, you may follow the steps below to raise the Adding/Modifying of Accounts Request through iBusiness.

Step 1: Log-in using your administrator token and go to Services -> E-forms

  • Select Product Name: iBusiness
  • Select Service: Amendment Form
  • Select Request: Add/Modify Accounts
  • Select Charge Account Number

Step 2:  Select the Required Details:

  • To add an account where the RIM is already available in your Profile, select the Account Number under Add Account Section
  • To delete/delink an account, select the Account Number under Delink Account Section
  • To add a new account where the RIM is not yet added to your Profile, select the Account Number under Add Account Section 

Step 3: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 4: Click Initiate

  • Enter PIN + Token number and Confirm

Monitor the request under Queue, and once it is marked as Completed, follow this next article to map the accounts to the users: Modifying User's Account Setup

Note: If you have a "Maker-Checker Setup" for Administrators, please ensure that the 2nd Administrator approves the request.

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