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How to Request for Company Registration? (iCard - Prepaid Card) Print

To request a company registration using an iCard prepaid card, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in using your user token and go to Services -> E-forms

  • Select Product Name: Rateb / iCard/ NowMoney
  • Select Service: Rateb / iCard/ NowMoney Registration/Maintenance
  • Select Request: Rateb / iCard/ NowMoney Company Registration
  • Select Charge Account Number

Step 2:  Fill out the following details accordingly:

  • Employer Information (Note: the company name should be the suffix with “Prepaid” to have a distinction from Payroll and Prepaid registration, i.e. CBD PREPAID)
  • Custodian Company Information (Card Custodian must be a different person than pin custodian)
  • Mapped MOL ID - skip (not applicable for iCard)
  • Map New MOL ID - skip (not applicable for iCard) 

Step 3: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 4: Click Initiate

  • Enter PIN + Token number and Confirm


In the case of the maker/checker, the request is required to be approved by Checker/Approver before it reaches the bank for completion.

Upon successful completion, the company will be registered instantly.

Proceed with the following article for the iCard (Prepaid Card) Issuance

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