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Cheque Scanning User Manual Print

Step 1: Log in to iBusiness and navigate to Services >> PCM Products to access the iCollect application. Next, click on the iCollect logo to navigate to the iCollect Dashboard page summarizing the scanning activities.  

  • The iCollect dashboard will show a summary of all activities for Outward Cheques, On Us Cheques and Post Dated Cheques for the current date.
    • Outward Cheques - Other bank's cheques or non-CBD cheques
    • On Us Cheques - Other CBD cheques
    • Post Dated Cheques - Cheques that are postdated, whether CBD or non-CBD cheques

Step 2: Cheque Scanning

  • Click on the "Outward" tab at the top of the page to start scanning cheques.
  • On the Outward page, click on the "Scan Cheques" menu. The User can start scanning the images of the cheques through the scanner connected to the computer. (Note: the scanner driver must be installed in the computer that the User wishes to use for scanning) 
  • Cheque images can be captured in either Individual or Bulk mode. After scanning, the scanned batches will be available for the User to perform data correction and supervisor verification. 

Step 3: Data Entry and Validation

  • The captured image is retrieved and the User will input the cheque-related data like cheque amount, enter valid account number and MICR modification if required. Along with this, the User will be able to input a narration to be used during reconciliation.

Sample screen of Data Entry and validation transaction:

Step 4: Data Entry and Validation

  • Supervisor verification is required to approve or reject the cheque before sending the batch to the bank. Batches would contain a mix of the cheques for clearing and PDC items. Rejected Batches would go back to Data Entry and Validation page for modification or deletion.

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