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Assigning Cheque Scanning Role to Users Print

To assign Cheque Scanning roles to the users, the iCollect Role and Account Setup is as follows:

Role Mapping to User

  • Log in to iBusiness using Administrator Token
  • Go to Users and Roles Management
  • Click on Modify User
  • Enter the User ID and click Search
  • Select the User ID
  • Click Submit on the first 3 pages. Then, on the 4th page, select iCollect Maker Checker and PCM Products Role.
  • Click Submit and Confirm by entering 4 digit pin and 6 digit token number

Map iCollect Access for Users

  • Go to Account Setup
  • Enter the User ID which requires access to E-Forms
  • Select the User ID
  • Once Selected, you will be routed to the "Initiate Account Setup" Screen
  • Click on the word "Transactions">> "Account Transactions" and tick the Account Numbers to be enabled for Cheque Scanning under ICT
  • Click Submit and Confirm

Note: Once the role and account setup is completed, please wait for at least 3-4 hours to access iCollect .

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