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Cheque Scanning Installation User Guide Print

To install the two software for cheque scanning, please follow the steps below:

Smart Source Software Installation:

Step 1: Go to your Scanner Setup folder >> SmartSource 8.8_windows7 >> Run the file “SmartSource 8.8_windows 7 Setup

  • Click Next (on the following three screens)

Step 2: Keep the storage drive to “C” as per below:

Step 3: On the next screen, add SmartSource\images to the path and click OK

  • The system will complete the installation and prompt to restart the PC.

Step 4: Once the PC has restarted, go back to the iCollect installation folder

  • Copy all the contents inside Config folder
  • Go to C:\ Drive and go to Smart Source >> Config folder

Step 5: You may now go ahead with the following software installation - Raqmiyat

Raqmiyat Software Installation:

Proceed to the article: CAPI Update Guide

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