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How to Download an Export Letter of Credit (ELC) Amendment Copy/Advice? Print

To download export LC Amendment copy and advice, after the bank has received and processed the request, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on "Trade Services" >> "Export Letter of Credit" >> "EL Inquiry” >> "Search" 

Step 2: Download the amendment after checking if it is received and processed

  • Locate the required ELC, then click the Folder icon to Download next to System ID 
  • Beneath the "Release tab," click on the date link with Type of transaction as "Amend"
  • Beneath the "Bank File Upload Details" tab, click on the download folder next to the PDF file and download all required advice including an ELC Amendment copy if available

 Note: if no transaction type as “Amend” is reflected under the release tab then there is no new amendment received or even if it is received it might be under process with the bank. Please send a message to the bank to know if ELC amendment swift has been received.

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