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How to Download a Document Arrival Advice / Debit Advice for Inward Bills for Collection (IBC)? Print

To download documents arrival advice (DAA) and debit advice of IBC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on "Trade Services" >> "Import Collection"  >> "IC Inquiry"

  • Click on "Search" and select the "System ID" required
  • New IBC documents, if received and processed by the bank, will be reflected here with status as "NEW"
  • If no new documents are found here, documents have not been received by the bank or are under process with the bank.

Step 2: Download DAA for IBC

  • Click on the folder icon next to "System ID"
  • Click on "Release," then date Link
  • Click on Download logo next to PDF file with Title "IBC Issuance Advice"

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