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How to Update Email Address for Remittance/Transfer Advices? Print

To update the email address for remittance or transfer advice, follow these steps:

Step 1:  

  • Log in to iBusiness.
  • Click on Service Tab.
  • Click on the E-Form option on the left side menu.  

Step 2:  

  • Click on the dropdown arrow in the Product Field.
  • Select Product Name Attijari E-Advice.
  • Select Service Attijari E-Advice.  

Step 3:  

  • Once the appropriate Product and Service is selected, click on the Request and select E-Advice New/Update Registration.
  • For modifying details, select the account number under Modify Subscription and input the email address.
  • For adding details, select the account number under Add Subscription and enter email details.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions and click Initiate.

Note: If you do not have access to iBusiness, please fill out the Attijari E-Advice Forms by clicking on: Attijari e-Advice Form

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