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How to Track the Status of Your Payments/Remittances/Payroll? Print

To track the status of your online transactions, refer below:

Log in from the User Token.

Click on the Queue Tab on the top Menu

  • The transactions will be displayed depending on the current status:
    • Pending your Authorizations: All transactions are pending your approval.
    • Pending with Company: Pending for others' approval within your company.
    • Pending with Bank: Summary of all transactions pending for bank processing.
    • Completed Transactions: Summary of all completed transactions.
    • Rejected Transactions: All transactions rejected by authorizer or bank.
    • View Transactions: Summary of all transactions.
  • The Authorizers will only have access to view Pending Your Authorizations and View Transactions while the Maker will have access to all tabs.

Rejected Transactions

To know the reason for your rejected transactions, follow the below steps:

  • Click on Rejected Transactions on the left tab
  • The system will display the different transaction types, status, and count of transactions
  • Click on Rejected based on the transaction type required
  • The system will display all the rejected transactions under the transaction type.
  • Click on the particular E-Banking Reference Number
  • The rejection reason will be displayed in the Notes Field

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