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Uploading a Bulk Bill Payment File Print

What are Bulk Payments?

A Bulk Payment is a payment created from a bulk list. It's a payment to multiple beneficiaries from a single debit account. It will show as multiple debits on your bank statement. You can make a bulk payment for Online Remittances and Online Bill Payments.

You can follow the steps below to upload a Bulk Payment File for Bill Payments.

Log in from the User Token.

Step 1: Click on the Transact Tab on the top Menu

  • Click on Transact >> Bulk File Upload option on the left side menu

Step 2: To get the Outstanding Amount for your Registered Utility Payment Billers, follow the steps below:

  • Select Bulk Identifier as BULKBILLPAYBENE
  • Upload the Bulk Bill Payment Beneficiary file with the same details used to register earlier
  • Click GET DUE
  • A new page will pop up, which will reflect the outstanding balance for each Biller
  • Click Download to get the Bill Payment File

  • Sample Bill Payment File is shown below
  • Enter the Debit Account Number details and save the file
  • Outstanding Balance should not be modified as the system does not accept partial outstanding amount settlement

Step 3: To upload the actual Bill Payment File, follow the steps below:

  • Select Bulk Identifier as BULKBILLPAY
  • Upload the Bulk Bill Payment File generated earlier
  • Click Upload

Step 4: Screen will display the Summary of the Bulk Upload

  • Click on the File Reference Number to check if the system has successfully verified the file

Step 5: The file status should be "Pre-Processed" for Maker-Checker Workflow and "Authorized" for Auto-Authorized Workflow. 

  • The Different file statuses are as follows:
    • Received - File Received by Bank and Under Verification
    • Error - File Validation Failed
    • Pre Processed - File Verified and Pending for Authorization
    • Authorized - File is Fully Authorized
    • Response Generation - Reverse File (Transaction Status File) generation
    • Completed - Executed/Rejected
    • Rejected By Authorizer - File Rejected by Authorizer
  • If the file status is showing as Error, the file has to be revised and re-uploaded until you get the pre-processed/authorized status

 To know the error in the uploaded file, proceed with the steps below:

  1. Click on the File Name
  2. The system will display a new screen with the history of the file. Click on View Error
  3. A file will be downloaded. Open the file in the notepad to view the details of the error. (Please ensure pop-up blocker is off)

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